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Volume 4 (2004)

Articles A Mirror for Women? Reflections on the Feminine in Japanese Buddhism – Jñāṇavīra Letters of Gold: Imagery in the Dhammapada – Abhaya Postmodern Ethics: A Buddhist Response – Panos Skiotis Suicide as a Response to Suffering – Michael Attwood The Early Buddhist Saint: A Psychological Portrait – Nāgapriya Kamma in Context: The Mahākammavibhaṅgasutta and the CulakammavibhaṅgasuttaManishini Alice Collett Was the Buddha Omniscient? – Nāgapriya Translation Giving Rise to the Bodhicitta: Translation from The Treatise on Discourses about Giving Rise to the Bodhicitta: The Bodhicittotpādasūtraśāstra of Vasubandhu – Andrew Skilton and Kate Crosby Book Reviews Buddhism and Science –Ratnaprabha Essential Reading: Modern Buddhism in the West –Vishvapani

Volume 3 (2001)

How Buddhist Was Plato? – Robert Ellis

Buddhist Theology: Critical Reflections by Contemporary Buddhist Scholars – Dharmacārī Nāgapriya

The Doctrine of Non-Duality in the Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Dharmacārī Ratnaguṇa

Homosexuality in the Japanese Buddhist Tradition – Dharmacārī Jñāṇavīra

Minding Pinocchio: A Critical Analysis of Materialist Explanations of Consciousness – Dharmacārī Advayacitta

Dancing At the Still Point: The Dharma and T.S. Eliot's Four QuartetsDharmacārī Vāraghoṣa

Is Madhyamaka Buddhism Really the Middle Way? Emptiness and the Problem of Nihilism – Dharmacārī Asaṅga

Perceptions of the FWBO in British Buddhism – Dharmacārī Viśvapāṇi

Regarding Matthew Arnold – Dharmacārī Vipassi

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Volume 5 (2010)

EditorialDharmacārī Jñānaketu Articles Poisoned Pen Letters? D.T. Suzuki's Communication of Zen to the West – Dharmacārī Nāgapriya Roman Buddha – William Ferraiolo Buddhism and Rights: the Example of the Karuna Trust – Dharmacārī Ādarśa The Hundred Syllable Vajrasattva Mantra – Dharmacārī Jayarava Stages of the Path: Stream-entry and Beyond – Dharmacārī Bodhiketu The Strange Case of Beni Barua and the Therī Dhammadinnā – Dharmacārin Sāgaramati Book Reviews Mark Williams et al, The Mindful Way Through Depression – reviewed by Dr Paramabandhu Groves David Loy, Money, Sex, War, Karma – reviewed by Dharmacārī Nāgapriya Ralph Flores, Buddhist Scriptures as Literature – reviewed by Will Buckingham Aung San Suu Kyi & Alan Clements, The Voice of Hope – reviewed by Dharmacāriṇī Munīṣā Selections from the Pāli Canon – reviewed by Dhīvan Thomas Jones Donald Lopex, Buddhism and Science – reviewed by Dharmacārī Ratnaprabha Alexander Wynne, The Origin of Buddhist Meditation – reviewed by Dharmacārī Viśvapāṇi Richard Gombrich, What the Buddha Thought – reviewed by Dhīvan Thomas Jones Notes A Note on Robert Bluck and the FWBO – Urgyen Sangharakshita (Email the editors for articles not yet available)

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