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The Western Buddhist Review (WBR) is the peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community. The purpose of the Review is to provide a forum for longer articles exploring all aspects of the theory and practice of Buddhism, and especially to explore the translation of traditional Buddhist concerns into the language and outlook of modern western Buddhism. The Review also features shorter reviews of books, films, performances and so on. We welcome submissions of articles and reviews by Order members, Mitras and friends of the Triratna Buddhist community.



We welcome submission of articles for publication in the Review. There is no word limit. Articles should be prepared according to the style guide below before submission by email to Submitted articles will be sent out for anonymous peer-review prior to publication. Contact the editors if you would like to discuss your ideas prior to submission.



We welcome reviews of between 1,000 and 3,000 words, prepared according to the style guide below. Please contact with your ideas and proposals for reviews, or to offer to review works submitted by publishers.



Contact to find out if we can review your books. Please send items for review to: 12c Shipgate St, Chester, CH1 1RT, UK.


Style Guide

Articles and reviews should be submitted as a .docx file. Please include a brief (50 word) author biography with your submission. Articles should include a 150–200 word abstract. Articles and reviews should be formatted as follows:

  • 12 pt Times Extended Roman font

  • all Pali and Sanskrit words should include diacritic marks in Unicode format

  • single-spaced

  • new paragraphs indented

  • no space between paragraphs

  • single inverted commas for quotation, double inverted commas for speech within quotation

  • longer quotations (more than one line) indented with 6pt spacing before and after

  • foreign words in italics, except those naturalised in English (like karma, nirvana)

Articles can be prepared using either Harvard (author-date) referencing or footnotes (not endnotes). A full bibliography should be provided in the Chicago Style, e.g.:


In-text: (Jones, 2011)

Bibliography: Jones, Dhivan Thomas. 2011. This Being, That Becomes. Cambridge: Windhorse Publications.


(See for an online guide to referencing).

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